Children’s Clothing in Tanzania

Children’s Clothing in Tanzania
Children's Clothing in TanzaniaChildren’s Clothing in Tanzania.

„We’ve been saying here, ‘We have to make sure that the people who choose the clothing and the people who wear it that day don’t get hurt,'” she says. „I’m really proud of this group of women who’ve been doing this for three years. The whole village has been supportive.”

The garment-reform initiative’s biggest victory, says Dr. Amran Taba, founder of Nya and Nihi. „It’s definitely an open ended movement. There will be solidarity for anyone who comes along.”

Mixed reactions, also not as welcome for women, including the government’s position on gay rights. The government and government workers continue to express concern about the lack of equality for gay rights and LGBTI rights, according to human rights organizations. Some government-worker activists, who want equality to be seen as a condition of marriage, say the government’s policy to include gay rights does not recognize the right of each man to marry a woman.

„The government will not let people see how they feel, how they feel they must be treated. They could get an unfair advantage,” says Cai’Sou Kipir, director of the LGBTI NGO, Namayoi Namit. „The government should let everyone understand you can feel whatever you want.”

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